Money, Dust and Entropy

By Sergey Skudaev

According to science, matter does not disappear but changes from one form to another. However, our observation shows that at least one type of matter can disappear. This matter is money. At the same time, per observation of our cleaning lady, there is at least one type of matter that appears out of nowhere. It is dust.

In our laboratory we have reproduced the old lady experiments and confirmed that dust appears again and again regardless of the number of times we remove it. Our new graduate student conducted some additional experiments with money and confirmed that money does, in fact, disappear.

Comparing data obtained from these two research projects, we introduced a new hypothesis that the source of dust is money. If our hypothesis is true we discovered the
Third Law of Thermodynamics; "In closed system money has tendency to transform to dust."

Transformation money into dust is an illustration of conversion of high quality matter to low quality matter. The same kind of transformation we observe with the conversion of high quality energy to low quality energy, for example, mechanical energy to heat. A steam engine performs work and converts heat energy back to high quality mechanical energy. In the same way, the old lady, performing cleaning work, turns dust back to money.

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