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I was born in Siberia, an eastern part of Russia. Irkutsk is my home city where I lived until 1991. The population of the Irkutsk city numbers about 700,000. A cultural and scientific center of the Eastern Siberia, Irkutsk, is located in 40 miles from the Baikal Lake. Baikal Lake is the greatest lake in the world with fresh water. Mountains surround the Baikal Lake. The nature of Siberia is very beautiful.

At present time I live in Florida. I have Master's degree in Biology and Associated degree in Computer Science. My poems in Russian language are published in many Russian magazines. I am a member of Russian Writer's club in New York. My science fiction stories in English were published in Keene Science Fiction magazine.

My publication in Russian language: Termitnik
Writer's club of New York

Poetry Anthology

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