Clocks and Time

By Serge Skudaev

Let us imagine that there are many clocks in the room. All clocks display different time. Some of them are too fast, some of them are too slow, some of them are broken and display time that is not changing. Let us imagine an observer, who is a materialist and who does not know what time is. Since all clocks display different time, Observer will think that each clock has its own time. According to his materialistic philosophy time would not exist if clock did not exist. Each clock produces its own time by movement of its mechanical parts. If clock is stops its time deceases.

If you notice, the same theory exists about human beings. The theory implies that personality is a product of the human brain. Each human being has his / her own personality. If human being is sick, his / her personality may change. If human being died, his / her personality deceases.

We know that the first theory is wrong. Time exists independently of any clock. Clocks show time. If all clocks are broken, time still exists. I belive that the second theory is wrong as well. A soul exists independently of any human being. The human beings show soul in the same way as clocks show time...

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