Why I am not exited about having a casual day

By Serge Skudaev

When I worked in Russian University, there were no official requirements for dress code, nevertheless, all men wore suits and ties.

The Fall term started on September first, but no one wore suits on September first.

This day was not announced as a casual one. The reason for not wearing suits and ties was that on September first all students, professors and the rest personnel boarded busses, tracks and were driven to countryside to work on the fields of vegetables.

I remember, when I started to work as a professor assistant, I was sent to countryside with 40 students.

We were living in one house and all in one large room. It had no beds or tables.

We were sleeping on one long and wide wood bench that ran along the walls.

Guys and Girls were sleeping across the same bench separated with drapers.

Drunken guys from the village visited us and tried to date the student-girls.

Some times, there were fighting between student-guys and village guys.

After two weeks one girl got sick. She had high temperature and diarrhea. It was 9 P.M. I imagined that epidemia may spreadto the rest 40 students and my hairs stood up.

I knew, there was nurse living some where in the village. I rushed on the street, borrowed a bike from a village boy and rode to look for the nurse.

When I found her, she fed her chickens in her backyard. I explained her my problem.

She did not have telephone as most of the village residents at that time. Together we ran to the post office.

Post office had telephone. The nurse dialed emergency number and told the receptionist that the student-girl had heart attack. Then she turned to me and said. If I said the girl had diarrhea, they would never send the emergency car.

In two hours, emergency car arrived. The student-girl was taken to city hospital. I accompanied her.

The whole night I spent in the hospital while paper work and formalities were performed.

Next day I got sick. That is why I am not exited about having casual day.

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