Song of Fortune teller

By Sergey Skudaev

Everyone wants to know his fate.
Yours is written on your forehead, wait
You can drink water or alcohol.
You can move to New York to a hole.
You can love everyone,
You can hate.
No one got away from his fate.
Everyone wants to know his fate.
Yours is written on your forehead, wait

Do we have a choice?

We assume that we are free in our choices. When we made a choice, we think it is what we wanted to choose. Is it true? If a rock could think, it, probably, thought that it chose to fall down and nut up. But we know that there is gravity law that forces the rock to fall down.

Maybe we too only think that we are choosing what we want but in fact we are force to choose that and defense mechanisms do not allow us to realize that. Medical science proved that human behavior depends on concentration of certain hormones and brain metabolites. Their concentration depends on enzyme activity and enzyme activity is determined by our genes. Are we programmed to behave as we behave?

There are other factors that affect our life. For example, sun activity cycles that last about eleven years. Epidemics of plague and revolutions correlated with sun cycles. Astrologists say that stars affect our life. I am scientist by nature and I have open mind. Our sun is a star. If sun can affect our life why other stars cannot? Some scientists believe that life was created by intelligence. Religion teaches that life created by God.

Some people argue:
if life created by God or by an intelligence why life is so unfair? Is it unfair? The most important things in our life are fair. They are Life and Love. Even if you are rich, you cannot buy immortality. The rich can buy sex, but he cannot buy love. Love is not for sale!

Creativity also is free. It is enjoyable as much as love and you can't buy it too.

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