New Opportunity for writers on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing!

Do you aware that you can publish and sell you electronic books or articles on Amazon. You set your price and Amazon will pay you 35 - 70% royalties!

Short stories or articles go for $.99 and royalties are 30%. eBooks or long articles go for 2.99 and up and your royalties are 70%.

I write tutorials in algebra and computer programming and sell them on eBay. I sold more than 50 for 2 years. Now I am trying to sell it on Amazon for kindle. Try this link and you will see how it looks like.

There is one small detail. You have to format your ebook. It is not so easy. First, I format my tutorial in MS Word 2003.

Then I converted it to PDF with free software Nitro PDF Reader that I downloaded from Google.

Then I converted PDF document into epub format with free software Calibre eBook Management.

Then I try to view my tutorial in Amazon Kindle viewer.

There were some little problems with layout and I edited my epub document with free software Sigil.

To edit epub file you have to be familiar with HTML, a script used for web pages. If I don't scare you off, go to Amazon Direct Publishing and try your fortune!

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