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"Hello! It is me.I arrived on the earth about... well... many years ago. I like this planet. It is beautiful! I am getting to used to it. Most of all I like its woods, rivers and oceans... Well... I like human beings. Some of them are so smart and funny! I am getting sad, when I'm thinking about the time, when I will have to leave this planet..."

Serge's jokes

"Our world is a development environment. We all undergo an acceptance testing. When testing is completed, those, who passed, are uploaded to live environment. It is called Heaven. The rest are deleted to free space for the next installations."

"When I was a little boy, each time I saw a cute living thing, I tried to catch it and take home. Years passed and I am still the same... but I cannot afford it now because once I took one home and she does not let me do it with the others."

I like dogs. Most men do. But I like cats as well. Some men hate cats. I think, cats have nothing to do with that. These men uncosciously transfer their negative emotions from relationships with women to cats. That is the problem!

Dogs is less smart than human beings and yet it has some virtues in which it is superior. One of that virtues is that a dog never tries to prove to a human being that it is smarter than a human being. As a result a human being never tries to prove to a dog, that a human being is smarter than a dog. For this reason the relationships between a dog and a human being are so pleasant.

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